Let’s do it and listen to how the shoe pinches

This one is a little far-fetched for my taste, but it needs to be posted nonetheless.   This is a mix up of “if the shoe fits” (an unflattering remark that is true so should be accepted) and probably “feel the pinch” (having less money), although the speaker may have just been thinking about ill-fitted shoes that pinch the toes and feet.   Any other suggestions on this one would be appreciated.


2 Comments on “Let’s do it and listen to how the shoe pinches”

  1. says:

    Dave. This one is pretty unique. Interestingly, in dw fosters book The Pale King, he used the phrase “pinch my feet” a number of times. I had never seen that one before. Maybe if I figure out where that comes from it would shed light in your phrase.

    John Costello.

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    • davemalaphor says:

      I heard the phrase “it pinches my feet” in reference to tight shoes. I remember going to the shoe store as a kid and after trying on a pair, my Mom would always say, “Do they pinch your feet?”

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