That’s water over the bridge

This malaphor is said frequently as it blends two idioms – “water under the bridge” and “water over the dam” – that contain the same word (water) and have the same meaning (past and unchangeable events).   Add two words that both describe direction (over and under) and you get a subtle but wonderful malaphor.

2 Comments on “That’s water over the bridge”

  1. Sammy says:

    I had a very rebbelious childhood which caused alot of tension between my step-dad and I. As an adult I came forward and asked him to forgive me for being so stubborn and causing so much devastation that impacted our whole family. It altered the direction of our lives and to this day the lasting effects resignate. Can you give me more clarity with the meaning of this metaphor if the highlighting words were switched? For example; instead of water under the bridge and over the dam…. ” that’s water OVER the bridge and under the dam” . Would it be the opposite meaning of the original metaphor? The unchangeable events are still a concern and not just left in the past?

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