They always keep you on your heels

Saturday’s (may 13) Los Angeles Times featured an article about the NBA series between the Lakers and the Warriors. LeBron James was talking about Steph Curry and the Warrior team, “They always keep you on your heels.  Anytime you relax, they’ll make you pay.”

This is a mashup of “keep (one) on (one’s) toes” (to force someone to stay active or alert) and “back on (one’s) heels” in a state of surprise or unease such that it affects one’s ability to perform). Toes, heels, and feet often get confused (type in any of these words on my website). Props to Beatrice Zablocki for spotting this one and sending it in!


2 Comments on “They always keep you on your heels”

  1. patrickwardphd says:


    In therapy a client recently described himself like this: “I’m very self-defecating”. I struggled to maintain my professional composure after that.



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