He’s swinging with the fish

This was spotted in a New York Times article. Eduard Flores pleaded guilty to posting violent threats against Senator Raphael Warnock (D – Ga) before and during the January 6 insurrection. He included this malaphor in one of his threats. Note the use of “casting” immediately before uttering the mashup.

This “proud” boy was definitely thinking of fish…and unfortunately, ropes. This is a conflation of “sleeping with the fishes” (to be murdered and have one’s body dumped in a body of water) and “swinging from a rope” (to hang someone). A malaphor sometimes unwittingly reveals the truth. In this case, racism. A tip of the hat to Mike Kovacs for spotting this one!


3 Comments on “He’s swinging with the fish”

  1. Dan Rector says:

    It’s sleeping with the fish. I’m sure others have pointed this out. 

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