There will be hiccups in the road

Surgeon General Jerome Adams, in an NPR interview (All Things Considered), was talking about the COVID vaccine rollout and uttered this nice malaphor. It is a congruent conflation of “hiccups” and “bumps in the road”, both describing relatively minor setbacks or obstacles. You can read his interview here:

Perhaps a hiccup in the road is a little more problematic than a bump, or vice versa? Kudos to Jim Kozlowski for hearing this one and sharing it with us.

Did you like this mashup? If so, you need to get my books on malaphors, “He Smokes Like a Fish and Other Malaphors” and “Everything is Not Rosy-Dory: Malaphors From Politicians and Pundits”, both available on Amazon in paperback or kindle. There is a one laugh guarantee in each book, and we all need that these days!


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