Malaphor of the Year (2015): I Have a Pulse to the Ground

Although there is still time left in 2015, I thought I would go ahead and choose this year’s best malaphor.  It was a difficult decision, as the malaphor hunters bagged some beauties everywhere.  Who can forget “cough it over!” (October), or “he pulled the wool out from under me” (March)?  There were excellent ones as usual from the sports world, like “he has his act in order” (Mike Tirico – October)), and “I was slapped down with a little humble pie” (Rex Ryan – March).  TV again was a goldmine for mental belches,  such as “at the drop of a whim” (TMZ – July), and “his head between his tail” (Morning Joe – June).

But the winner comes from the political world, where those kids just keep saying the darnedest things.   And it comes from the one and only Donald Trump.  An article in the July 20, 2015 New York Times quotes The Donald:

“I have a pulse to the ground,” he added. “I think I know what’s wrong with the country, and I think I’ve been able to portray that in a way that people agree with.”

This is a conflation of “have my finger on the pulse” (to be familiar with the most recent developments) and “have my ear to the ground” (to watch and listen carefully to what is happening around you).  Lots going on with this one.  Fingers go into ears, etc.

May your malaphors be bright!

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