He did it at the drop of a dime

Pretty straightforward malaphor?  Seems like a combination of “do at the drop of a hat” and “he dropped the dime”.   Very different meanings, but the word “drop” apparently led the speaker to think “dime” instead of “hat” (alliteration perhaps?) and thus another  malaphor was born.

4 Comments on “He did it at the drop of a dime”

  1. Xavier Lesaffre says:

    I like your posts on malaphors!!!
    However I think I would need a brief explanation of the two metaphors which are mixed up. Would it be possible to do that for people like me who are not native English speakers? Of course I realize that it wikk take you more time to do that.
    Xavier Lesaffre

    • davemalaphor says:

      I am glad you are enjoying the malaphors, Xavier. I will try and explain the idioms/metaphors that are blended. I did that in today’s malaphor (roll up your elbows).

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