I wouldn’t trust her with a 10 foot pole

This one was heard on Dateline NBC: The Officer’s Wife at 1:22:00:


It is a mashup of “not touch (someone or something) with a 10 foot pole” (not wanting to become involved with someone or something) and “would not trust (someone) as far as I could throw (them)” (no trust at all). Trust and touch are the same length and similar sounding, adding to the mental mixup. Also the speaker may have been thinking of the Scottish sport, Caber Tossing, where one throws a 20 foot long log. A big thank you to Frank King for spotting this one and sending it in!


4 Comments on “I wouldn’t trust her with a 10 foot pole”

  1. Ronald A Marks says:

    Cute Dave, but I was thinking something else. I trust you and Elaine are doing well. Ron

  2. Jane (Kozlowski) Di Paola says:

    Or maybe she meant she wouldn’t trust her friend with a tall Polish guy.

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