We’re all singing from the same page

On CNN’s YouTube Channel in a segment entitled, “Doctor Responds to Journalist’s Covid Restriction Comments” the former FDA commissioner, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, states (at 5:20) that ending restrictions “…is easier to do when we’re all singing from the same page here.” Here is the link:

This is congruent conflation of “singing the same tune” and “on the same page”, both meaning to have the same understanding of something or someone else. “Singing from the same hymnbook” was also probably in his thoughts, with “page” getting confused with “book”. Dr. Reiner probably had in mind a chorus singing from hymn books. A big thanks to Torre Thompson for hearing this one and sending it in!


2 Comments on “We’re all singing from the same page”

  1. Scott Bliss says:

    I’ve always seen this as “singing from the same hymnal” or “singing from the same hymn sheet.”

    • davemalaphor says:

      Yes, that is definitely in the mix, I think. I will edit the post to include this. it’s still a malaphor as the speaker mixes “on the same page”, but this addition shows the speaker was probably thinking of a hymn book’s page. Thanks Scott! Dave

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