My hot water works on a dime

This beauty was found on a facebook post:

May be an image of text that says 'Sometimes I forgot how rich I am. My hot water works on a dime, my a/c works when I need it too, can go to any grocery store & purchase what I please to eat, I have a clean kitchen to cook in, have a clean shower to bath in...sometimes I forget im beyond blessed'

It is a nice mashup of “works like a charm” (works very well) and “turns on a dime” (to turn very quickly or to change opinion abruptly). “On a dime” refers to agile precision, so it is close to a congruent conflation with both phrases referring to something working very well. As Tate Young says, with inflation the phrase now might be ‘works on a quarter”. A big thank you to Jenny Hensley for spotting this excellent malaphor and sending it in.


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