I’m falling behind my eight-game.

After being sick, a son was telling his mom he had a lot of school work to make up, and that he was falling behind his eight-game. This is a rare trifecta malaphor, combining “falling behind” (not be as current with a task as one would want), “off (one’s) game” (unable to perform as well as usual) and “behind the eight ball” (in a challenging situation). The speaker was probably just wanting to say “falling behind” but the word “behind” may have prompted the “eight ball” idiom, in turn conjuring up the “game” of pool. Just a guess. A big thanks to Mary Marshall for hearing this one and passing it on!


4 Comments on “I’m falling behind my eight-game.”

  1. ykstam says:

    I think you missed being on your A-game! Which was my first thought when I saw this. https://medium.com/@bephenomenalmovement/bring-your-a-game-34ca3306b524

    Yvonne Stam Sent from my iPhone


  2. John Costello says:

    also, not bringing my “A Game.”

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