Let’s blow this puppy

Heard from a group leaving a gathering. This ribald malaphor is a mashup of “let’s blow this popstand” (to leave a place, particularly one that has become dull or holds no interest) and “let’s shut this puppy down” (to shut or close down something). James Carville famously said the latter in reference to Biden’s huge primary victory. Here’s the link:


The origin of “let’s blow this pop stand” appears to be fairly recent.  In the 1950’s a popular teen hangout was around the local drug store, which used to have a soda shop inside, or at a soda fountain (pop stand). In the slang of the day, “Let’s blow this pop stand” meant “let’s leave this no-longer-interesting place.” No puppies were involved.

A big thank you to Lou Pugliese who heard this one, deconstructed it, and sent it in. He did so with a straight face (I think).


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