When the shit hit the storm

Howard Stern was commenting on the Capitol riots on his radio show and uttered this nice mashup of “shit hits the fan” (serious trouble suddenly starts) and “shit-storm” (a violent or chaotic situation). I would say this was a pretty accurate description of the event. A tip of the hat to Jack Chandler for hearing this one and sending it in!

Howard Stern is glad he didn’t end up becoming a radio DJ. “I didn’t want to play The Beatles,” he says. “I wanted to be The Beatles.

4 Comments on “When the shit hit the storm”

  1. Ronald Marks says:

    “…hit the storm”   I like that one Dave

  2. Joe says:

    Love this blog! My late partner used to be Mr. Malaprop. He would say the damnedest things that he had misread or misheard in his life, as a result of having a learning disability and mixing up metaphors. He would say someone had waited “until the twelfth minute.” It baffled me until i finally figured out he had misheard the saying about waiting until the eleventh hour to begin a task, and somehow got “twelfth” and “minute” mixed into this mashup. There were others but this is the most memorable of all. 🙂

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