2020 Malaphor of the Year – Number 3

There are people falling behind the crack (submitted September 2020)

This one makes the top 6 just because of the visual. Jeannie Blaylock, a TV news anchor in Jacksonville, Fl, uttered this one when she was discussing the financial strain of COVID.   It is a congruent conflation of people “falling through the cracks” and “falling behind”, both meaning those who are not helped by the system which is supposed to deal with them.  “Falling” is the common word here, and is the cause of the mashup.  Lou Pugliese caught this one, and it is the #3 malaphor of the year for 2020.


2 Comments on “2020 Malaphor of the Year – Number 3”

  1. John Clegg says:

    Thanks for your vigilance and humor with the Malaphor…so fun.

    Ever since Archie Bunker, I have loved “improper” use of the language…although it usually tends to be very clear in terms of communication,
    To me. Better usually! Variations on a them!

    This is a verbatim piece of dialog I videotaped once, from my life long stoner friend, trying to 1) tell me a story & 2) differentiate
    between how to say female & male, without being able to pull up those words:

    “I got something I can talk about…do you know Jane Gooodle? The chick with the monkeys?
    Well I saw a story on tv…where 2 mother monkeys…stole…a baby monkey from another mother monkey…
    And ate it.

    And I figured out…the reason was…was…the baby that they ate, was from this other monkey who fucked this lady…
    He was her monkey and fucked this other lady…and she had the baby from his monkey.”

    End quote.

    Happy New Year to all the Hatfields…and McCoys.

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