It was driving energy prices through the sky

Another from the Malaphorer-in-Chief, and this time uttered in the recent Presidential “debate” (I put that in quotes as it did not resemble in any way a debate).  Mr. Trump responded to the moderator’s question about why he rolled back the Clean Power Plan, a set of Obama-era Environmental Protection Agency regulations designed to curb planet-warming pollution from coal-fired power plants, by saying they were sending energy prices skyward. In fact, most of the Clean Power Plan was never implemented: it was temporarily halted by a 2016 Supreme Court order and never reinstated before the Trump administration effectively rolled it back last year.

This is a congruent conflation of “through the roof” and “go sky-high”, both meaning for prices to become very high.  A shout out to Jake Holdcroft who heard this gem and passed it on.  



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