I’m sweating like a stuck pig

Who hasn’t said this malaphor before?  I know I am guilty.  It is a conflation of “sweating like a pig” (to sweat profusely) and “bleeding (or squealing) like a stuck pig” (to make a loud shrill sound).  I suppose a stuck pig sweats a lot, so perhaps this one should be accepted, but bleeding or squealing seems to be associated with a stuck pig, unless you’re the poor guy in Deliverance.  The submitter of this nice malaphor thought perhaps the proper simile was “sweat like a hog”, but I think he just had Vinnie Barbarino and the rest of the gang from Kotter’s remedial class on his mind.  “The Sweathogs” was the delightful name appropriated to that lovable gang at James Buchanan High School.  A big thanks to Steve Messinger who unintentionally uttered this very popular malaphor.


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