Shoot from the lip


I heard this one at a meeting several years ago and thought it was an improvement over “shoot from the hip”.  It is of course a mash up of shooting from the hip and giving lip, but has a distinct meaning that clearly describes those who speak before they think.  I think this one deserves to be added to the idiom lexicon, don’t you?


2 Comments on “Shoot from the lip”

  1. Emmy Ezzell says:

    “Shooting from the Lip” is the apt title of a recent biography of Senator Al Simpson, published by the University of Oklahoma Press. Surely that’s sufficient to place it in the lexicon, right?

    • davemalaphor says:

      Excellent observation. Yes, i think this one will be an accepted idiom in the future. BTW, I am a big fan of Senator Simpson. He doesn’t run around the bush but really cuts to the crux on issues. 🙂

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