Hello malaphor lovers!


A malaphor is a mixture of two idioms, creating a sort of malaprop in metaphor form.   They are uttered by everyone unintentionally.  The best ones are the most subtle, sounding correctat first blush and then leading to quizzical looks.


It is believed that the term was first coined by Lawrence Harrison, a government official in the Agency for International Development, in an op-ed piece for the Washington Post in 1976.  I later  defined the term in Urban Dictionary.


I have been collecting malaphors for many years, and have posted some periodically on Facebook with friends.  This blog is my way of sharing these goofy mixtures with everyone.  I plan to post one daily – a “malaphor of the day”.  That way you will get a smile or chuckle each day, or a bit of torture, if you find them stupid and have masochistic tendencies.  I also would like to hear from you about my posted malaphors, and/or submit any that you have heard or read recently.   I will then post them, giving you credit of course.   Keep your ears open!

Dave Hatfield

4 Comments on “Hello malaphor lovers!”

  1. Mike Kovacs says:

    First, let me say “FIRST!”

    In light of the fact that the first comment was posted by you, Dave, I feel entitled to claim this as the first comment.

    And I must say, I’m mightily impressed by your fast action, AND that you were able to register malaphors.com. You’re my brightest pupil with respect to WordPress. I’ve frequently mentioned it to friends that I thought would have the basis for a website or blog, and you are the first to act upon my suggestion.

    • davemalaphor says:

      Thanks Mike! My son is helping me as well. Thank you again for getting me started and let me know if I need to improve anything. For lack of any imagination, I am just titling the malaphors numerically. Any thoughts on that?

  2. Donna Doblick says:

    Hey, Dave, add me to your mailing list!
    Donna D.

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